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By :Gwang bioCare 0 comments

 Reusable Functional Fabric

LeMASKA Brands fabric has 99.9% complete UV protection with 90% fast dryness and contains FDA approved micro silver which suppresses bacterial growth. The fabric provides solutions to different environments with its excellent antibacterial and deodorization qualities. Made of rubber-like elastic, LeMASKA masks can be washed without potential obstructions and stay highly fresh for an extended period of time.

LeMASKA analysed the average ratio of facial skeleton and the ideal three-dimensional fit and now presents LeMASKA mask, a product with a face fit that is perfectly maintained at various angles and conditions with a central contour line and stitch. The mask is made with a functional fabric with excellent elasticity and patterns. The fabric spreads the feeling of pressure around the nose and jaw, making it more comfortable for the wearer as well as preparing the jawline and beautifully shaping the face.

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