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Moisture Cleansing Foam (150ml)

Rs. 999.00

Crafted using the eco ceramides, this moisture cleaning foam creates double impact by softening the skin while it cleansing. The Korean beauty face wash lathers instantly, forming micro bubbles that lift the layer of impurities by breaking down the dirt and excess oil without causing the skin to dry out. Its gentle formula also includes ultra-hydrating essences that make it ideal for regular use even for those with sensitive skin.


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Moisture Cleansing Foam

Moisturizing secret of Village 11 Factory for hydrated CLEAN and SOFT SKIN Moisturizes and Firms!



1. Ultra-hydrating Cleanser
Formulated with Doctor Eccentric's hydrating and cleansing secrets, this foaming cleanser contains a large amount of hydrating serum to leave skin clean and soft.

2. Skin-revitalizing Eco Ceramide
Eco Ceramide is a complex of natural ceramides: it is readily absorbed into skin, softening and fortifying it from within.

3. Viscous Foam with Microfine Bubbles
This nourishing formula creates mounds of viscous foam and washes off skin impurities thoroughly with microfine bubbles

Village 11 Factory's Secret Ingredients!!! What's the DIFFERENCE with Others?

01 Devil’s Claw
What's Devil's Claw?
Village 11 Factory's secret ingredient discovered by Doctor Eccentric!
Devil's claw: Devil's claw root extract (A rare plant whose fruit has claw like tips)

Superb Skin Benefits
Powerful Moisturizing, Anti-inflammatory & antiallergic, Anti-Acne/Antioxidant, Anti-aging / Anti-keratinization

02 Exo Ceramide
What's Eco Ceramide?
This miraculous ceramide is 100% natural, made from nature-derived ingredients that are naturally fermented and converted.

Skin Benefits
Superior moisturization, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory, skin detoxification


How to Use

Before cream application, apply an even layer around eyes with gentle strokes.

Village 11 Factory is a part of PFD which also has brands like Mizon & Agatha Paris. It is an established skincare brand and is available across Europe, America, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. It all started from a mad scientist's extraordinary mind, the same mind that created the world's first CC cream! Dr. Geek's strange experiments to develop cosmetics & skincare that do not exist in the world and are faithful to its essence, are still being conducted today.

The main Ingredients of Village 11 Factory are:
1. Devil Claw - Harpa Gophyum Proumbens It is a rare plant that rarely grows in a barren desert, which is known as the cure -all medicine used by the natives of Africa for relieving pain and healing wounds from old times. This herb is designated as a protected plant and can only be collected for 2months in a year.

2. Eco Ceramide - 100% Natural Ceramide (Glycerin, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Ceramide NP, Phytosphingosine, Hydrogenated Lecithin) As it is fermented and naturally converted by reacting natural ingredients only without going through a separate purification process, there are no ingredients harmful to skin, and as it produces excellent ceramide complex containing various fatty acids derived from oil, it is highly skin friendly.

3. Aqua Butter Complex - Mild, Soft and Concentrated Hydration (Coconut Oil. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Palm Kernel Oil. Rosa Damascena Flower Oil) Aloe and rose are hardened with coconut oil to deliver a feeling of concentrated hydration to skin. To make a soft formula that melts on the skin immediately upon application, a part of coconut is added to aloe vera and rose oil is extracted by distilling fresh petals through a stream.

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