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About Gwang BioCare

About Gwang BioCare

Gwang – bright, flawless beautiful skin

Gwang BioCare brings to you the best the world has to offer for skincare, face wear and make-up. We are proud to be associated with the leading brands of Korea which are known for their products worldwide and have some fabulous formations based on extensive research done in their respective fields. We at Gwang BioCare bring the world of beauty care products to the Indian consumer right at its doorsteps.

The gentle but highly effective ingredients and innovative formulas of the Korean beauty regime make it the most wonderful experience and undeniably the best chore of the day for anyone practicing it.

Nikhil Khanna and Nishtha Kalia are the hardworking hands and genius brains behind creating the brand, Gwang BioCare. The brand puts forward the most prominent products this world has to offer for skin care, face wear, and makeup.

The brand is proud to be associated with the leading brands of Korea which are known for their products worldwide and have some fabulous formations based on extensive research done in their respective fields. Gwang BioCare puts forward the world of beauty care products with their immense dedication at the doorstep of all Indian customers and provides them the easiest access to this reverential beauty.

The term ‘Gwang’ means bright, flawless beautiful skin which in itself lays out a statement for what the brand has to offer.

The founders believe that “Indian consumers today is educated, aware and well-traveled. They are aware of the Korean skincare regime, and I know a lot of people who used to buy the K-Beauty products in duty-free shops and other places during their trips abroad.

Now, they have the comfort of ordering it in India and getting it delivered to their home.” says co-founder Nishtha. The vision of the brand is to bridge the gap between the kind of beauty we aspire to what is available to us. Gwang BioCare specializes in bringing niche Korean brands to India. The founders believe that looking good is not rocket science and beauty comes with a regime. Amongst which the K-Beauty regime is the most famous regime across the globe.

About the Founders

The germane skill set and talent led the extremely innovative Nishtha Kalia and super talented Nikhil Khanna to start a massive initiative of bringing the world’s most desired beauty just to your doorstep. For you to experience and love the expertise of Korean beauty products. Which are known for their quality
and regime for flawless skin.

Korean beauty products are well known for their natural and harsh-free ingredients to create clear, glowy, and natural-looking skin. Korean skincare focuses on prevention, making it more effective than traditional beauty techniques used all around the globe. The miraculously amazing products are bought to us wrapped in hope and care from the founders of Gwang BioCare.

Nishita Kalia was born in Amritsar and grew up in various states of India. It exposed her to a multilingual and multicultural environment which helped her in shaping her views, approach, and appreciating diversity. Her defense background and schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya helped in inculcating values of discipline and punctuality in her. Nishita did her Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences from SGSITS, Indore. Her Pharmaceutical background made her aware of drugs and cosmetics better. “I always prefer using traditional and natural ingredients rather than quick-fix chemical treatments. KBeauty is a regime and not a quick-fix solution. Village 11 Factory, part of PFD group, is known for its products with natural ingredients.” says Nishita when we asked about her motto and what they are willing to convey through the brand.

A commerce graduate from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, Nikhil Khanna started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2000 under the umbrella of his family business of Fine Diamond Jewellery. Having acquired the necessary training and diploma in gemmology from the Gemological Institute of India he set up the family’s first retail outlet in Mumbai.

Gwang Bio Care LLP was formed while working for a common event in Kolkata where he met up with his new business partner, Mrs. Nishtha Kalia, who shared the same vision of starting her own company for introducing the best Korean beauty products that were not available in India but had huge potential and

Nishtha and Nikhil found there is a void in the market that can be filled with the right business model. So, after one and a half years of research and market study, they zeroed on the company, ‘Village11 Factory’, and selected a few products out of their basket to launch them in India through Gwang BioCare LLP.

It feels like a walk-in wonderland to have access and to be able to experience Korean beauty products. The brand is created to bridge the gap between what we desire and what is available to us in the form of beauty products.