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Gwang BioCare is bridging the Gap by making K-Beauty Products accessible in india

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Gwang BioCare is bridging the Gap by making K-Beauty Products accessible in india

Nikhil Khanna and Nishtha Kalia invite you for an experience beyond skincare through Gwang BioCare, your ultimate way to access the best Korean beauty products by Village 11 Factory in India. With a shared vision to provide Indian consumers with the best skincare regime in the world, Nikhil and Nishtha have filled the void with the right business model for Indians to get their hands on K-beauty products at the tip of their fingers.

After an intense market study and one and a half years of research, Nikhil Khanna and Nishtha Kalia narrowed down Dr. Geek’s experimental brand, Village 11 Factory, a magical skincare regime made using nature’s ingredients and multiple trial and errors to provide a solution to all your skincare woes. Nishtha’s Master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nikhil’s background in commerce combined with his knowledge of brand building helped them launch an e-commerce website that bridges the gap between the aspirations and availability of products for consumers when it comes to beauty.

“Indian consumers today are educated, aware and well-travelled. They are aware of the Korean skincare regime, and I know a lot of people who used to buy the K-Beauty products in duty-free shops and other places during their trips abroad. Now, they have the comfort of ordering it in India and getting it delivered to their home”, says the co-founder, Nishtha Kalia.

With Gwang BioCare, the founders are on a mission to provide a regime for healthy and glistening skin. Sourced after careful consideration and understanding of consumer’s desires in-depth, Village 11 Factory’s products are not a quick fix but a regime for a bright, flawless and beautiful skin from within, which is also the meaning behind the word, ‘Gwang’.

Only available on Gwang BioCare’s website, Village 11 Factory’s moisture, snail, and collagen lines are what you need for the perfect skincare regime

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